Lawrence to add new Physical Wellness class next spring

Andy York

At the last faculty meeting the LU faculty voted to approve UNIC 120, a course called Physical Wellness Dynamics. This class will be a three-credit course taking place third term next spring, and will be the first physical wellness class since Lawrence ended its physical education classes nearly 20 years ago.The class will be a one-hour seminar twice weekly where students can acquire a basic knowledge of exercise science. Students will learn about anatomy, physiology, and health awareness. The course will also have an exercise component to it. Students will create an exercise program of their own, and will have to stick with it throughout the term. Students will be tested at the beginning and end of the term to see what effects the program has had.

Also, the end of the term will have students doing individual research on a health and wellness topic. Topics could include such recent newsmakers as performance-enhancing drugs or carbohydrate-free diets. Kurt Kirner, the LU swimming coach as well as the director of the Buchanan Kiewit Rec Center, will teach the class.

Anyone who has more questions regarding the course can contact Kirner in his office in the Rec Center or e-mail him at