Res Hall Review complaint

The Res Hall Review is a terrific idea. It has not been properly put into practice though. The last review I read was “Bruce Almighty.” The *#%@*&^ movie just came out within the last year. Review the timeless treasures people may not know about instead. “Spies Like Us” is available at the Trever desk and I guarantee that the checkout card still only has my name, Horton, and Cogil under it. The movie is an absolute gem and rates as an A++++++++++. I would also like to say that “High Fidelity” and “The Dead Poets Society” are fabulous movies grossly underrated by the reviewer. Peace Out.Kevin “Assistant to the Gaffer” Dreyer

P.S.- “Did I leave the iron on?”

P.P.S- The above quote is from “Airplane,” another movie that whoever the reviewer is would probably pan.