Letter to the Editor: Smoking is gross!

Dear Editor, I would like to mention that I think the prevalence and acceptance of smoking at Lawrence has gotten out of control. Everyone here is intelligent and educated and therefore knows that smoking is terrible for their own health, the health and comfort of those around them, the environment, etc. Yes, some people have already become addicted and are trying to quit – but I see people starting to smoke and experimenting with cigarettes daily. This is truly sad and I hope Lawrentians will make better choices for their own health. But more importantly, what about the consequences of their own poor choices for those around them? Non-smokers have made a firm decision not to make that poor choice, so why should we be subject to the unhealthy, at times deadly effects of second-hand smoke? Many people are even very severely allergic to smoke, and second-hand smoke can trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and serious medical complications – for some people, even death. This cannot be allowed to continue. And what about the health, safety, and beauty of the Lawrence campus and the overall environment? There are cigarette butts littered all over campus, and the stench of smoke is at times overwhelming. Cigarette smoke is not helping the o-zone layer or the problem of global warming either- it makes it much, much worse. Let’s clean up our lungs, our minds, and our campus – now!

-Rachel Freedman