Staff Editorial: Year-end Notes

Staff Ed.

We end this year at Lawrence in careful anticipation of the next, aware of the challenges, setbacks, and successes that will mark the beginning of a new chapter in Lawrence’s history. A few events, issues, and concerns are worth addressing once more before we depart, and we hope that Lawrentians will bear them in mind this coming year.The potential settlement of the fraternity lawsuits is a welcome possibility. While the cases are not yet dismissed, and while the exact terms of the settlement unfortunately remain undisclosed, the high likelihood of a resolution means that we can tentatively plan on moving on from the divide caused by the introduction of Formal Group Housing.

The sluggishness of LUCC, on the other hand, is an unwelcome reality. Other than approving meeting minutes and verifying the completed work of committees, the General Council has done little to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and earn their pay during the last term. New elections will be held at the beginning of next term, and it is our hope that the new representatives will be less interested in resume padding and more committed to representing their constituents than their predecessors.

We look forward to the arrival of President Beck. We hope that all Lawrentians will work with our new president as she becomes accustomed to our community, and we to her style and methods.

And, finally, we are of the opinion that this year’s senior streak hardly did justice to the practice of years past. Rather than a collective demonstration, this year’s streakers went divided in small groups that appeared more interested in loitering and showing off to the crowd than streaking. We are also of the opinion that next year’s seniors need to be slightly more responsible than this year’s: glass bottles on concrete mix poorly with frolicking nudes.