Honoraria, committee chair bylaw changes approved at LUCC meeting

Andy Dolan

LUCC focused primarily on the discussion and approval of several changes to the Honoraria bylaw at the last general council meeting. The council also addressed changes to bylaws regarding committee chairs and residence life committees.The honoraria bylaw specifies how much monetary compensation officers and student representatives receive per term. The proposed changes sought to increase the amount received by all LUCC members and to add an additional clause that would remunerate the chairs of six committees in the amount of $50 per term with the stipulation that the committee reports to the council at least once per term and holds regular meetings.

Initially, the bylaw change was proposed with the intention of being passed as a single entity, but council members felt that aspects of the proposed changes were disparate enough to warrant separation.

The council voted to split the proposed legislation change into three parts. The first detailed increases to officer honorariums, the second dealt with the increase for student representatives, and the third regarded the payment to committee chairs.

Cole DeLaney urged members of the council to vote in favor of the increases, saying, “I think it’s in the best interest of the community and ultimately in the best interest of the student body.”

DeLaney felt that many potentially competent individuals were dissuaded from running for council membership because the honoraria paid to student representatives, currently $30 per term, was too paltry. He also noted that the amount had not increased in over 20 years.

Some opposed his position because they felt the proposed increase to $100 per term for representatives would encourage people to run just for the money rather than a desire to help the student body.

They felt that the desire to help should drive members of the council, rather than the honoraria, which they viewed as a token of gratitude for participation and not a payment for services.

These individuals felt that those who wanted to help the community would find a way to participate regardless of the money. Cene Ketcham pointed out that this was not necessarily the case, saying, “If I didn’t have an honoraria, I wouldn’t be up here.”

Other representatives voiced their desire to have more time to speak with constituents.

DeLaney commented that they had already had time and said, “I wish you would do your job, please, in the first place. You have a week.”

Each section of the proposed change was called to a vote. The first and second passed, although the amount to be paid to representatives was amended to $50 rather than $100, and the third part failed.

The proposed bylaw change to the standing committees legislation added two clauses.

The first allows chairpersons of committees to make motions on matters that their committee has formally recommended to the general council, and the second allows chairpersons to designate proxies from members of their committee to represent them.

The changes passed by a two-thirds majority.

Proposed minor changes to the residence life committee bylaw were not passed for lack of quorum.