New club celebrates cooking and eating –ama

April West

During the first meeting of Lawrence’s new Eating Club on Monday, Jan. 23, participants stated the strangest things they had eaten.
Items included horse, sea urchin, a tube of lipstick, a bowl of cat food, cow tongue and elk.
The meeting was held in Downer E and was mostly informational — which, they assured, was just a first-meeting formality.
What Eating Club intends to do in the future is host themed meals, such as upcoming sushi night, where the members get together and make meals with a minimal cost.
As one member aptly put it, “Five dollars isn’t a lot for food that isn’t Downer.”
Usually, one member will go and purchase the necessary food and everyone will help both to cook and to eat. Other suggested theme nights were French and Mexican.
The group was also asked to make recommendations to Downer that would be sincerely considered, so membership in the group could also have an effect on changes made in the food served at Downer.
The Eating Club also hopes to have club outings to do food reviews of restaurants, with a long-term goal of publishing the reviews at least semi-regularly in The Lawrentian.
“Our primary goal is to provide a haven for food enthusiasts like ourselves,” stated Eating Club cofounder Caroline Jorgenson.
“We realized that the love of food has a unifying effect that should be shared with the greater Lawrence community. We hope that the group will serve as a place where people can exchange ideas about the preparation and consumption of food.”
The Eating Club now meets every Tuesday at 11:10 a.m. in Downer E and is open to both suggestions and new members.