LUCC wrap-up

Dorothy Wickens

At Tuesday’s LUCC meeting in Riverview Lounge, the prominent issue involved the Humanitarian Projects Grant. Before focusing on this, however, LUCC carried out the normal procedures and committee reports. The finance committee reported that they granted the request from the Outdoor Recreation Club for $1,290 for a more expensive ski resort. In addition to this, there was some miscommunication between the committee and the Anthropology Club, with their request for money being tabled.
The student welfare committee then reported that they had spoken with Dining Services to recommend a discontinuation of the subsidizing of meal plans for charity. The committee contended that by donating the Downer swipes, they are then taking away from the money that is designated for lowering the cost of meal plans in the future. The student welfare committee also discussed lowering the cost of parking in the parking ramps to $35 per term, but they will still need to talk to the finance committee about this.
Next in order, the Residence Life Committee announced that the results from their survey were in, reporting that next year in Sage Hall the second and third floors will be co-ed by room. However, they still have to discuss what will be done with the first and fourth floors of the building.
Another committee also met during the week to discuss the future of the Publications Board. It was decided that they wished for the board to continue to exist but that LUCC no longer wanted to appoint people to the board. This vote was held during the old business report.
During old business, the council voted on three separate motions, the first of which was to not remove the Multicultural Affairs Committee from the list of standing committees. The second motion was to not remove the Publications Board from standing committees, and the last was to remove the Environmental Responsibility and Experimental Projects Grant Committees.
During the new business portion of the meeting, the council voted to change the word credits to units in the housing lottery portion of the student handbook. The second item of new business involved a change concerning the Humanitarian Projects Grant. It was discussed whether or not the finance committee could donate any remaining funds to charity after the fifth week of third term. They decided to table the issue until the next meeting.
Before adjourning the meeting, dean of students Nancy Truesdell passed out information about an issue to be added to the agenda for a future meeting. This information dealt with the wish of the president’s cabinet to change the policy of who has to pay the activity fee and to have LUCC endorse the change.