The view from the bench

Paul Salomon

I mean literally. In case you missed last Sunday’s pathetic Packer effort, let me fill you in. Brett Favre did what he’d never done before: he threw a 5-interception regular season game. It was OK though, because somehow he got the ball back, down by 7, with 56 seconds left.
Now everyone’s thinking, “OK, this is where Brett lives. This is his specialty. We’ve seen him do it before. And he can do it again right now!” Forget the fact that he’s 36, and that his team was 1-5, he could have done it. He’s Brett Favre, but of course he didn’t. Here’s what he did do.
From the 5-yard line, Favre threw 48 yards upfield, while his receiver literally ran into two defenders, which mysteriously was defensive pass interference. Packers first down. Then he threw a 19-yarder that was tipped into the hands of Antonio Chatman. Again, Packers first down.
With the clock running, some fan ran onto the field and took the ball out of Brett’s hands. Some say this killed the Packer’s momentum, but all they had going at the time was a sloppy interference call, and a tipped pass reception. But then again, I guess yards count no matter how you get them. Either way, the clock stopped at 28, and the Packers had about three minutes to draw up a play. They did, and Favre got sacked. Second down, clock still running. Favre needs to spike the ball and run one last play.
I’m not sure where the next play came from, or what part of Favre’s 15 years of NFL experience told him to do it, but he did. He faked the spike. He faked the spike, and it seems he told no one he was going to do it. And so he stood there … with no receivers … and started to run upfield. I use “run” loosely, as it was more of a three-quarter speed stumble. To top that off, Favre made an underhand forward pass past the line of scrimmage, and then fell to the ground, tripping over his own receiver getting tackled. There he lay, his team an unprecedented 1-6.
Even after players pulled him up to his knees, he fell back down on all fours. More than ever before, Brett Favre looked weak and tired. Simply put, he looked old. If you didn’t know the Packers’ season was over, it’s over.
If the Packers want to do anything this year, they have to sit Brett. Sorry Cheeseheads, but they have to sit Brett. So, go tell everybody in Famous Dave’s with their #4 GB jerseys on that they might want to pick up a #12, because Aaron Rodgers needs to see the field if the Pack want to start winning again. You knew it was coming.