Staff Editorial

Jessie Augustyn and Ray Feller have each served this publication for four shining years. Most recently, the pair served as Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, respectively. Please join the Editorial Board in thanking them as each allows buds of senioritis to flower in full.This coming year promises a bevy of changes and re-evaluations, with a new president, a new LUCC administration, and a prime opportunity to reflect on twenty-five years of institutional life all on the horizon. In light of this, the modest changeover of an Editorial Board pales in comparison.

We hope, however, to become an integral part of the coming year, chronicling the opportunities, challenges, and lighter moments of campus life.

Peter Gillette moves from Copy Chief to Editor-in-Chief. Kate Enoch moves from Features to Managing Editor for this term, a position that involves a little bit of everything. Jon Isaacson returns as News Editor and Kim Dunlap returns to Opinions and Editorials, each in their final term at Lawrence. Julien Poncet edits photos, and Andy York holds down the sports.

There are also several new faces, young and old, who will join the board either as editors or as associates in training for next year. Dan Holbrook, a grammar snob of the first order, comes on as Copy Chief. Freshmen Aidan Clark and Beth McHenry also join the board, Clark as Associate News Editor and McHenry as Features Editor. Clark and McHenry have been among the most reliable Lawrentian writers of recent memory, and will certainly serve well. Corin Howland will tackle the tough job of laying out stories week in and week out.

This year, we will focus on a broadening our coverage in news, making Staff Editorials more timely and, hopefully, useful in shaping future university policy, and producing consistently illuminating features and arts & entertainment stories.

However, a lot of our mission depends on you, the reader, helping us know what is going on, and not being afraid of using The Lawrentian as your laboratory. Know a story, little or small, that you think deserves to get into print? Tell us. Have an opinion you think others ought to hear? Write it.

Finally, a campus newspaper seldom has too many writers. If you or someone you know may be interested in writing, editing, photographing, or designing life at Lawrence University, call us at x6768 or email Experience in journalism can provide you with a solid foundation of disciplined writing and dynamite people skills. Plus, wouldn’t you feel special to see you name in a Staff Editorial?