Unfair Textbook Prices – Press Release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESwapYourTextbooks.com Fights Back Against Unfair Textbook Prices

November 1, 2005 — Dallas, TX. SwapYourTextbooks.com is the first and only even exchange textbook website for students nationwide. The website eliminates the need for buying and selling textbooks by giving its members the ability to trade in even exchanges. The founders of this website took the idea of trading books with classmates to a new level. They created a unique database that allows students all over the nation to simply swap out the book they have with the books they need, at the end of every term. The company hopes to make higher education more attainable through the savings that come from this service.

“As a college student myself, I know how it feels to spend $400 on textbooks, then receive $100 back,” said Aaron Francis, co-founder. “I then watched in awe as my classmates purchased the books I just traded in. SwapYourTextbooks.com was created on the basis that students should come together and benefit from each other.”

Members place the books they have into their SwapYourTextbooks.com inventory. The student then searches the database to locate the books they need. Students are asked to disclose the condition of their books, and members rate each other based on reliability and speed of shipping. A credit system has been created so members can trade a book for a book without being restricted to one person. Each book will be valued at one credit. This allows members to value books solely as credits and trade freely with students nationwide. According to survey data collected on the University of North Texas campus in May of 2005, an average college student will save an estimated $615 a year.

“With students paying such high amounts for their tuition and fees these days, the importance of lowering textbook prices is at an all-time high,” said Aaron Morrison, President. SwapYourTextbooks.com is officially the first and only national even exchange website for college textbooks. The website uses a similar even exchange system that has made Netflix successful while providing the functionality and feedback options that has made eBay what it is today.

Everyone who registers by November 30 will receive a free credit. “We’re basically giving away a book just for signing up,” states Brian Gilmore, Vice President. “How many college students don’t like something for free?”

Aaron Morrison, President
Swap Your Textbooks Inc.
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