Letter to the Editor

Charles Hagman

(Brent Schwert)

Study space at Lawrence University is at a premium. Grabbing your favorite table at the library is a wonderful yet rare occasion, and finding silence on the third and fourth floors of the Seeley G. Mudd Library is becoming almost as rare. When I was ready to take a practice GRE test, I traveled up to the stairs to the third floor thinking I would find an environment similar to that of the test: silence. However, I only found the decibel level spiraling out of control.
There was noise everywhere, from chitchats by the computer carrels to run-ins near the water fountain. These offenses were innocent compared to the trouble lurking on the horizon, however. Unaware of the fact that there are several rooms and a whole floor designated to group study, two students met to go over a group project on the third floor.
Rather than facing confrontation, I slouched away to the other side of the floor; unfortunately, I sat next to the computers. Oblivious to the fact that the computer carrels are clearly not soundproof, one student took the liberty of using the computer carrel as a phone booth. For over a minute, the student chatted away on speakerphone about her day and her paper and how her paper was sooo hard and sooo long. I don’t want hear about your paper, let alone hear what the person on the other line has to say about it. I was blown away, this was a new level of disrespect: speakerphone.
Considerate Lawrentians, we must take a stand; we cannot tolerate this abuse any longer. On Jan. 10, I’m calling for a day of Silence for the Silence. I will be passing out signs with “Please be quiet. The third and fourth floors are designated for quiet study only” on them so you can quietly and politely inform the offenders to shut up.Charles Hagman
Class of 2007