Witty cracks up fall festival

Sarah Page

Comedian Isaac Witty performed in Riverview Lounge Saturday night as a part of Fall Festival. His performance was well received with lots of laughing and applause. For the most part, Witty presented embarrassing situations he had been through, helping the audience empathize with him while having a good laugh at the same time.
In the eighth grade, Witty decided that comedy was the perfect occupation for him, and in May of 1996, he got his first chance to perform when a comedy club opened up in his hometown of Tulsa, Okla. There he worked on his act at open mikes.
His favorite venues to perform in are theaters. Witty explained that he likes comedy clubs, but oftentimes people will be milling around and not really paying full attention to his act, while at other venues, people are more interested. He says that he likes performing at colleges; it is “a nice change,” he said. Because Witty throws in new jokes and throws out others, depending on the atmosphere of the event, it’s much easier for him to find an audience that is really engaged.
Students enjoyed themselves. “I liked it!” exclaimed freshman Katie Loppnow after seeing Witty perform. “He was really awkward, but his awkwardness was what made him so funny.”
And funnily enough, Witty remarked that he is “generally an awkward person,” so the ideas for his acts come to him naturally. He mostly jokes about the humorous things that happen to him day to day, like when his mother accidentally dyed his new comforter hot pink instead of burgundy. “Being silly is my main inspiration,” Witty said. And it shows. Witty is like the jokester that we all knew in grammar school, but grown up.
Movement is a big part of Witty’s routine. His imitations of himself grocery shopping or marching in a marching band kept the audience interested. Sometimes, though, he shifted his weight a little too much, distracting the audience.
“His movements generally added to his act,” said freshman Gwen Kelly-Masterton, “but I kept waiting for him to do something funny with the microphone stand and he never did.”
Witty has been on the “The Late Show” and “Premium Blend” on Comedy Central. He plans to have more TV appearances in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!