Impromptu rock show

Jen Cox

On Oct. 20, Lawrence’s Underground Coffeehouse hosted an unfortunately unusual occurrence: live music. Tomorrow’s Regret, a three-piece pop-rock group hailing from Atlanta, Ga., took the stage. The group has toured with bands such as The Early November, Monday in London, and Days Like These, and have made compilations with Over It and Anatomy of a Ghost, among others. They recently released their EP, “Things I Want to Hear,” on Oeightyfour Records.
The second band, Elementary Thought Process, has been on tour with Tomorrow’s Regret for the last few weeks and hails from Johnstown, Pa. The four-piece indie-rock group describes themselves as “controlled noise,” and was the brainchild of now front-man Jacob Koestler back in 2003. The group put on a great live show and drummer Brandon Locher even begged to do extra songs because he was “having a ton of fun.” Obviously enjoying themselves despite the small coffeehouse crowd, the band filled the room with music that seemed more akin to larger venues. Elementary Thought Process just released their third CD, “In Hiding,” on Friends Make Records. Their experimental, quiet-to-heavy sound has had critics talking since the beginning of their U.S. tour, which continues for another month or so.
The last band to play was Lawrence’s own Left at Atlantic. An indie-pop duo made up of freshmen Ted Toussaint and Harji Bedi, Left at Atlantic has charmed the student body since their first performance at LU Live. Offering blending harmonies and clever, thoughtful lyrics, the duo has gone on to perform several Lawrence concerts since then. Hoping to record this fall, keep watch for an EP out in the near future.