Romance according to Kate

Kate Ostler

Dear Kate,
Is there any hope for asexuals?
– Only Interested In RecyclingDear Only,
According to the August 2004 edition of the Journal of Sex Research, asexuals are people who feel no sexual attraction toward other people of either sex. Researchers estimate that at least 1 in 100 adults is asexual, which proportionally may mean that a dozen or so Lawrence students may fall into this category. I’ve even heard people refer to asexuality as the “new homosexuality.” So perhaps someday soon we’ll be celebrating our A-pride, donning not rainbow attire, but maybe … gray? Studies have shown that asexuality, although sometimes present, is unlikely to be life-long. But for now at least, take hold of your asexuality, if not as a true facet of your sexual identity, then at least as a relief from mere coital distractions and an opportunity to write some decent term papers.

Dear Kate,
Where are the best spots for an on-campus date?
– Too Young For The VR

Dear Young,
Aside from Downer C, there are very few quiet, romantic places on campus. However, we do have a few gems worthy of an enjoyable date. The Wriston Art gallery is a great, cozy place to take your lucky lady. Between impressing her with your knowledge of lithography techniques and commenting insightfully on Lawrence’s extraordinary coin collection, you may be able to sneak in some smoochin’. Too much work to do? Try a study date in the Milwaukee-Downer Room on the first floor of the library. Outfitted with comfy loveseats, you and your girl can snuggle up and get your reading done at the same time.

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