Story Idea for Your College Newspaper

Hi ,I thought your student and faculty readers might be interested in a Web site that is changing the way students around the country perform research for papers and homework:

Unlike a traditional search engine, is an answer-based search engine that provides actual answers – instead of just links – on more than a million topics. The content – editorially-culled from over 100 different sources – makes it easier for students to find relevant information fast. It’s the ideal homework partner.

Some of the benefits students can expect from
o Looking up definitions of unfamiliar words found in English reading assignments, as well as confirmation that they are using appropriate words when writing
o Getting weather and local time of countries/cities where friends are studying abroad or they are considering as a travel destination
o Convert measurements for that required science class
o Effortlessly cite information found at, by automatically producing bibliography entries also provides a free downloadable application called 1-Click Answers. With the software installed, users can Alt-click any word in any program and instantly get information on the word or phrase. For Mac OS X users, there’s also a Widget; Firefox users can also now find the engine directly embedded in the browser in the new Beta version. And finally, there’s a mobile version at is a site I wish I had access to during my college years and I really believe it will be helpful for your fellow students. Check it out at and experience it for yourself.

Let me know if you would like additional information or speak to an representative for an interview at your school paper.


— Alan

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