Romance according to Kate

Ostler, Kate

When approached a few weeks ago by an editor of The Lawrentian about writing a dating/sex advice column, I was eager to flex my journalistic muscles and jump right into an essay about the nature of dating, love, and sex on the LU campus. However, upon further consideration (and after having agreed to do it), I realized how difficult it has proven for me to keep my own views on dating and, well, not dating, out of any written opinion. I mean, sure, we’ve all got at least a little bit of experience in this department. Who hasn’t had an awkward, freshman-year encounter with a short-lived object of affection? Or a secret (or, in some cases, blatantly obvious) Facebook crush within the past year?
Relationships? I admit, I could probably put some of my advice concerning relationships to good use in my own life. Sex, though? Sex is my forte. Not necessarily because I’ve had a lot of it, but because I’m currently enrolled in Professor Wall’s Biology of Human Reproduction class. It’s a pretty sexy class. Offered only every other academic year (to coincide with each time a member of Phi Tau gets laid), the material ranges from stages of excitement preceding orgasm to sexual positions that are most pleasing for either partner. Needless to say, it’s certainly been an interesting addition to my late-night homework routine. I’m registered for the class Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, which is essentially the same way I’ve rated any previous romantic relationships. Usually I’m either happy with the outcome, having put in a good deal of effort, or totally jaded and fed up with having to do the same work over again.
I’m hoping that any advice I give out will prove helpful, but still seem entertaining, if not scathingly witty. Think of my future guidance as somewhere between the urgings of your nervous mother and friendly suggestions from Peter Gillette.Send questions you have about love, relationships, and sex to Kate Ostler’s mailbox at the Info Desk.

Kate Ostler is a junior studio art major from Saint Charles, Ill. She enjoys puppies, egg rolls, modern art, and Peter Gillette.