An exclusive with Adrell Bullock

Philip Roy

When asked about the Vikings’ progress this season and their goals over the next few weekends, Junior slot back Adrell Bullock had these things to say:PR: How would you rate the football program’s progress over this first half of the season?

AB: You have to view the success of the program from an internal perspective. We are stronger mentally and physically as a team under the leadership of Coach Howard. However, it’s a slow process, but we will get there. Therefore, our progress is tremendous but we are not satisfied.

PR: As a returning player, what things have stood out for you as being considerably different in the team’s attitude, determination, and mission this season as opposed to previous ones?

AB: As a player, I see the constant effort from players trying to make things happen despite the obstacles. As a unit we want to send the message that Lawrence football will never die easily. We understand now that winning hurts. That’s why only a few are willing to endure that level of play.

PR: How is the team as a unit approaching the rest of the season?

AB: We plan to strive to make a mark. It’s not about our record or the amount of games we win. It’s about respect, integrity, confidence, and trust within our team. We plan to stay POSITIVE.

PR: What are some of the goals that the program has for the rest of the season? What messages/statements would you like to see being communicated to the fans and opposing teams through the Vikings’ efforts on the football field in the next few weeks?

AB: We want to send the message that our team plans to work and uphold the tradition of Lawrence athletics. We are also trying to make a statement to the spectators that we are proud and that we believe in our system. By mentally becoming stronger, we grew physically capable. However the 2005 season is a stepping stone to redefining Lawrence football.