Where the party’s at

Regina Siefert

“We like to party.” The Venga Boys couldn’t have said it better. We do like to party. And Lawrence is just the place to do it. Besides the dorm room parties you can find on any given weekend by just walking down the hallway of any residence hall on campus, there are other numerous theme parties to be had, thanks to Lawrence’s fraternities and other organizations.
Let’s start with the fraternities. In the Phi Delta Theta House, there are a few to choose from: Jell-O Wrestling, Toga Party, Foam Party, and the Rave Party (a new addition). “Our parties are generally held in the basement,” says Phi Delt Dave O’Donnell. “They’re a lot of fun, just a lot of people having a good time, enjoying the weekend. And people usually kind of stick to the themes, too.” When asked which would be the Phi Delt party to go to, Dave suggests Jell-O Wrestling. If you do visit the Phi Delt House, though, remember that it’s a dry fraternity. If you try to sneak in alcohol, they will either send you away, or tell you to leave it outside.
Next up is the Beta Theta Pi house. Betas usually throw one or two parties per term, says Adam Gorham. The most popular parties are the Jammy Jam (held last weekend), the Beach Bash, and the Country Club party. There’s a dance floor, and common areas to hang out and drink. Gorham wholeheartedly recommends attending the Beach Bash on Nov. 12th. “This is the best party on campus,” he says with great enthusiasm.
At Phi Kappa Tau, there are three main themed parties, according to Phi Tau member Bao Ha: Halloween in the fall, Heaven and Hell in the winter, and Le Brawl during the spring. Since the Phi Tau house isn’t on the frat quad, their parties are a bit different than normal frat parties. Halloween and Le Brawl are both held in tents, and Heaven and Hell is held in Swing House (the old Phi Tau house). “Le Brawl is definitely where it’s at,” Ha says. “It’s the longest-running themed frat party. Come listen to the history of Le Brawl and dance the night away!” Phi Tau parties, like Phi Delt parties, are dry. Don’t bring alcohol with you.
In the next few weeks, Delta Tau Delta will be throwing an ’80s party, says Delt Eric Aspenson. “This is probably our best party of first term for all of campus,” he states with certainty. There will be ’80s music, ’80s clothes, and even some ’80s decorations throughout the party area. “It hasn’t always been advertised very well,” Aspenson explains, “but when it has it has been great.” Eric also says that, while Delts have had a bad reputation in the past, they are reinventing themselves this year to become a more integral part of the Lawrence community, and invites everyone to discover this change for themselves. They, like most of the other frats, discourage bringing alcohol to their party. If you do bring it, they’ll either tell you to get rid of it or leave it outside the door.
It’s common knowledge that the Pumpkins and Honeys Party is the best party on campus, say Sigma Phi Epsilon members Justin Dzelzkalns, Jonathan Swire, Will Herbon, and Laurent Frecon. “The campus comes alive,” Swire says. “People were here way before the party was supposed to start last year, and we had to kick them out at 6 in the morning,” Dzelzkalns adds. Other notable parties include the Red Doors party (named thus after the red doors of Sigma Phi Epsilon), R&R, and Alice in Wonderland. “We throw the biggest parties on campus,” Frecon states. “We’re kind of a big deal.” Dzelzkalns adds though, that besides Red Doors earlier in the term, they’re not sure what other party they’re going to throw. “Usually we figure out something that everyone who comes can be a part of,” he says.
According to Mark Johnson, a Greenfire resident, “Greenfire throws AMAZING parties.” Many of them have included performances by the Sambistas, the LU Brazillian drum corps. The basement will soon be adorned with couches and coffee tables so partygoers will feel at home “without losing its industrial-rave-warehouse-looking edge,” he clarifies.
The Co-op house is also known for it’s quirky parties, usually having live bands and crazy dancing. They’ll be having a Halloween party next weekend, but look out for the infamous Not-Exactly-Naked Party later in the year.
Two weekends ago, ORC threw its second annual Redneck Formal. It offered live music and lots of dancing. The guests dressed perfectly for the theme, and, like most ORC parties, there was some good food to be had in the kitchen. Keep your ears open for more parties at the ORC throughout the next two terms!
So, Lawrentians, get in your party spirit, find some clothes to fit the many themes, and leave your dorm rooms behind – you’ve got a lot to do! It’s party time!