LUCC candidates for president, vice president

Each candidate for LUCC president and vice president was asked to write a personal statement for publication. Below are the statements of each of the candidates: Mollie Bodin, Andrew J. Schneider and Doug McEneaney.Mollie Bodin
Candidate for LUCC president

My platform’s main objective is to further support the focus on diversity to which the current office has committed a majority of their time. However, in addition to bringing together different ethnic groups, I would also like to take on the task of closing the ever-widening gap between the so called “connie” and “jock” and support all those that do not fit into the two largest cliques on campus.
By creating a better communication through different campus groups such as SOUP, SAAC and the Dean’s Advisory Group the campus will become less divided and more enjoyable for students and faculty. Establishing a better form of communication will most noticeably take place through public surveys, informal meetings and events. Ultimately, the campus will become more intermingled and will be able to share and encourage diversity in a positive atmosphere.

Andrew J. Schneider
Candidate for LUCC president

The last three years at Lawrence, I have seen the transformation of the campus. From the beginning of President Beck’s time here to the hiring of our first full-time athletic director, I have been here. Lawrence has given me a lot, and I want to give back to Lawrence.
Out of all of the students currently on the Lawrence campus I cannot think of a person that has more passion about improving Lawrence than me. Improving student life, improving academic life, improving athletics, and improving recreation are all important to me. Because I have been given so many great opportunities from this great school, I want to offer my leadership in return. I ultimately care about what is right for Lawrence University. I want the students to have multiple options when they decide who should be their leader for the coming year. Thank you for your time. God bless.

Doug McEneaney
Candidate for LUCC vice president

I, Doug McEneaney, am running for vice president of LUCC. As vice president, I will carry the position very seriously and do everything in my power to identify and do what needs to be done. In order for you to believe in me, you may need to know more about me. I am a math/economics major from Chicago and went to a high school that was racially, economically and socially diverse. In high school, I was a two-sport athlete while being a member of both the school band and choirs.
I understand, to some extent, what it means to live in a diverse environment, play athletics, and be a musician. As vice president, my main objective is to create more affiliations between people of different interests by bringing the Lawrence community together, along with making Lawrence a better experience. In the end, all experiences lead to memories. Help me make better memories.

Voting in the LUCC election will take place electronically this year, with polls open from Wednesday, Jan. 17 through Friday, Jan. 19. Off-campus students are encouraged to vote by sending an e-mail to Paul Shrode at