Letter to the Editor

(Brent Schwert)

On behalf of the McCarthy Co-op House I want to thank the Lawrence community for their fantastic participation in the co-op’s first-ever used textbook garage sale. Last Wednesday and Friday, we were able to help students buy and sell $779 worth of textbooks.
Due to the positive feedback we have received this week, we plan on making the garage sale a regular event each term, growing in size. Looking back on this “test run,” there are a few things we will be tweaking the next time around. We will be having a book drop-off for third term during finals week of this term, enabling us to organize books ahead of time and start the sale with a good inventory. We also hope to streamline the book check-in process and extend the hours of the sale to include evenings and a Tuesday or a Thursday, when many people have fewer classes.
Thanks again to all who participated!Julia Callander
Treasurer, McCarthy Co-op House