Staff Editorial

Upon receiving the list of candidates and their statements The Lawrentian staff was generally concerned for a couple reasons. Primarily, it was disheartening to see that there are only two choices for president and one choice for vice president. This disappointing amount of choices leads to apathy among student voting as well as a decreased interest in student politics at Lawrence. The statements themselves – all of which use elusive words like “better,” “improve,” “more,” – show a vague understanding of what these positions entail.
LUCC is an integral and vital component to each Lawrentian’s experience here. Collectively they oversee every campus activity, theme and formal group house, student clubs and organizations, and have a large hand in deciding policies regarding student life.
We are fortunate in such a small school to have the power we do to shape our experiences here at Lawrence and it is disappointing to see so few people willing to step up and take advantage of these. We appreciate the efforts and drive of the three candidates on the ballot, while recognizing that the democratic process that is an essential part of LUCC proceedings is in some way thwarted by the lack of significant choices for such important positions.
We at The Lawrentian are confident that we are not alone in our concerns. We also believe that Lawrentians are not lazy, though we often underestimate our power as students at this school. We recognize that the statements provided are less than compelling, so we urge you to be proactive about finding out who these candidates are before casting your vote.
If you feel dissatisfied with the list of candidates you’ve been given, make it known to members of LUCC. If you feel as though your representatives are not addressing your concerns, get involved. LUCC is our student government and that is something never to be taken for granted.