What do you do all day?

Betsy Winter

Do you know where the Raymond House is? North Siders walk by it on the way to Downer. Treverites see it on their way to the library. Kohlerites can see it from their windows. You know where the Raymond House is, but do you know what the Raymond House is? It houses the dean of students office, residence life, and student academic services. OK, now you know where the Raymond House is and what it’s for. Let me tell you why you should visit the Raymond House.As you walk in the front door of the tan house on Lawe Street, turn right immediately and you will be in the office of Linda Fuerst. Twenty-two years ago, former Lawrence faculty member Gene Davis encouraged Linda to apply for the job opening in campus activities. Her first 13 years at Lawrence were with campus activities, a job Linda says she loved.

Nine years ago, when a position was created with the dean of students office, Linda was ready for a change. Her official title is now Senior Administrative Assistant for the Dean of Students, but Linda’s favorite part of her job is the interaction with students. “It’s like we’re all one big happy family,” she says.

Linda really enjoys getting to know students during their time at Lawrence. She thinks it’s amazing how much students teach her, but it’s even more amazing how much she teaches us. After meeting Linda for the first time, you feel as if you’ve known her for years. She’s a great person to talk to because her personality is so carefree and she feels like a good friend.

On Monday, Oct. 11, 2004, Linda came back to campus for the first time since classes began. She and her husband had just returned from a well-deserved vacation. What souvenirs did Linda bring back from their trip to Colorado? A Grand Champion trophy from a dog show, won by their mixed-breed dog, Mia!

Linda is not one to miss a step, though. Her first day back to work, was spent working on Fall Festival. She also does a lot with Welcome Week, advises Lambda Sigma, and works with various other groups such as the Greek organizations. No two days are ever the same for Linda, something she says she really enjoys about her job. Typical things Linda does are answering the phone and responding to emails, as well as keeping things ready and handy for Dean Truesdell.

I asked Linda what she would like to be known as on campus by students and faculty alike. Her answer: “the go-to person.” Linda gets a lot of calls from people who think she knows the answer to their questions. The great thing about Linda is that she probably does know the answer, or can at least direct you to someone who does.

So the next time you pass the Raymond House on your way home from lunch or the library, stop in and see Linda. And don’t forget a Pez dispenser to add to her collection!