Vandalism strikes campus

Melanie Heindl

There have already been a high number of reported incidents of vandalism, theft, and trespassing at Lawrence this fall, ranging from minor to severe. Several of these incidents were reported to the Appleton Police Department. One lesser incident, which occurred on Oct. 7 of this year, involved two males striking lights and light poles on campus with metal rods or sticks.

The two men, once noticed, ran north along Union Street behind the Conservatory of Music. Eight light poles were damaged, though it is not apparent whether that destruction was done entirely by the two males.

Just two days later, on Oct. 9, there was another vandalism incident at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house at 218 S. Lawe Street. According to police reports, Lawrence University security and a cook from the building discovered graffiti on the side of the house.

Several phrases were spray painted in fluorescent orange on the wall, referring to sexuality and sexual activities. Security confiscated a Rust-Oleum spray can near the sight of the incident and placed it in evidence. The estimated cost of the damages thus far is approximately $500 for the removal of the paint from the building wall.