Women’s soccer has successful weekends

Alex Weck

Due to a lack of space, the women’s soccer article was not run last week. The Lawrentian regrets this, and is printing last week’s and this week’s articles concurrently with a few edits.The Lawrence women’s soccer team picked up its first conference victory last weekend in addition to narrowly losing to the defending Midwest Conference season champion.

Saturday saw the Vikings steamroll Knox on the Prairie Fire’s home turf. Seven different women tallied scores as the scoreboard read 9-1 in favor of LU after 90 minutes. Most notable were seniors Emily Buzicky and Greta Raaen, who each slotted two goals. The dominant effort was statistically universal as the Vikings had at least double Knox’s total in every offensive numerical category.

Such was not the case as the women visited Grinnell on Sunday. The Pioneers, who went undefeated in regular-season conference competition last year, took the game by its proverbial horns and despite 30 shots, the game was still tied after 90 minutes, largely due to play by freshman goalkeeper Candice Gangl. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Grinnell was able to score 52 seconds into overtime for the win.

The women’s next game was at the much-loathed Ripon College on Saturday Oct. 9.

Outside of a full-fledged military invasion or possibly a forced screening (a la “A Clockwork Orange”) of the film “Kazaam,” nothing says “we vehemently dislike your school” like a 9-1 trouncing.

Such is exactly what the LU women’s soccer team recently did to Ripon.

The first 23 minutes of the game were scrapped and replaced by the unilateral show of dominance to be henceforth known as “The Era of Buzicky.” Following a goal by Sara Compas, Buzicky slotted a monumental four goals within this timeframe. Subsequent goals were added by Tara McGovern and Mindy Luber by the end of the first half. In the second half, Ripon’s death rattle was summoned after a goal apiece from Beth Shaker, Greta Raaen, and Michelle Ebert.

With the impressive victory, the women legitimized their claim to a playoff opportunity. The Vikings currently stand at 2-3 and in sixth place in the Midwest Conference. With a favorable remaining schedule including three of four games at home, there is a great chance that the team could return to its playoff stature of two years ago. Furthermore, they will be playing the two teams directly above them as well as the two teams directly below them in the current standings.

By any means, the chance has presented itself and the playoff fate of the team now lies only with itself. The next home game comes when Beloit visits on Oct. 20.