Staff Editorial: An Overdue Thanks

Americans too often take too much for granted. We become indignant at the smallest interruption of one of our basic luxuries, whether it be electricity, running water, or the guarantee that the police will be there when we need them. We feel that it is long past time to recognize one group of dedicated individuals in particular: the Appleton Fire Department.Typically we do not think twice of our firefighters. Usually they arrive to false alarms, or to fight bags of popcorn when we cannot stand to watch the microwave for those agonizing, interminable four minutes. One would think that crying wolf multiple times in the middle of a Wisconsin winter over the course of several years would cause even the most dedicated public servants to turn a blind eye.

But our firefighters are never deterred. They always come, ready to risk their lives regardless of how often we waste their time. It is indeed their duty to come; but our community should acknowledge the fact that they fulfill this duty so diligently.

We therefore are of the opinion that both LUCC and the university administration should recognize the efforts of the Appleton Fire Department. Whether they pass resolutions at Council meetings or present an award to the firefighters themselves, we believe that this kind of recognition would have an important and positive impact on Lawrence’s relationship with the surrounding community.