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Kerry Campaign Received 100 Times More From Republican Donors Then Nader

Center for Responsive Politics Finds: 50,000 Republican-Kerry
Contributions vs. 700 Republican-Nader Contributions; $10.7 million for
Kerry v. $111,700 for Nader.

Who is really in bed with Republican fat cats: Ralph Nader or John
Kerry? Who is the real independent candidate with the independent message?

Washington, D.C.: Today, the Independent presidential campaign of Ralph
Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo released the preliminary findings of
research conducted by the Center for Responsive Politics. The findings
demonstrate that Senator John Kerry has thousands of contributors who
have supported the Republican Party. Kerry has more than ten million
dollars donated by Republican donors.

The anti-Nader Democrats have spread their big lie to discredit Nader
and silence his anti-war and progressive message that Kerry could not
rebut. The anti-Naderites hired Stanley Greenberg to conduct surveys and
focus groups to determine how best to smear Nader. They found that
falsely claiming Nader was funded and controlled by Republicans was the
most effective line they could use – a line that can’t pass the laugh
test when compared to the facts. They announced their findings at the
Democratic Convention and then spread the lie through the
Naderfactor.com and the United Progressives for Victory.

But the reality was only 700 Republican contributions (no individuals,
but individual contributions) had given donations to the Nader campaign
and most of the contributors were people Nader had worked with on
justice issues in the past. Even among these 700 the Democrats received
more money than Nader-Camejo — $111,700 to $146,000. But, the Democrats
continue to use the Big Lie – despite the facts.

The logical question – never asked by any journalist, so the Nader
campaign had to, is how many Republican Fat Cats gave how much to Kerry
and the Democrats was never asked of the Center for Responsive Politics
(CRP) by any journalist. So the Nader campaign asked the question the
Kerry campaign never wanted asked: Is Kerry in bed with large
contributors from the customary hedge their bets Republican campers- how
many of them and for how much? If elected, will Kerry give them the
access they want due to their donations?

Preliminary CRP results: 50,000 contributions who have given to
President Bush or the Republicans have given $10,697,198 in large
contributions to Kerry. This means 100 times more Republican money has
been contributed to the Democrats campaign than to the Nader-Camejo
campaign. That amount is five times the entire budget of the Nader
Presidential campaign! These are preliminary results because there are
so many that it is too expensive for the Center to review the donations
for final results. Maybe an independent media outlet would like to try,
rather than continue to repeat the corporate media’s reporting of the
malicious Democratic fabrication that the campaign is funded by
organized Republicans. We’re waiting for the full story on how the Kerry
campaign is funded by the Republicans who play both sides of the two
party duopoly.

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