Matveyev remembered

Cory Robertson

A memorial service to include many distinguished speakers and several musical performances will be held for Professor Rebecca Epstein Matveyev this Sunday, Oct. 10, at 1 p.m. in Harper Hall. Matveyev served Lawrence as a professor of Russian for seven years, after studying at Rice University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The service will reflect the bonds she formed through her work and presence in several places, but especially those bonds formed at Lawrence.

Former Lawrence President Richard Warch will preside at the service, accompanied by Matveyev’s brother Jonathan Epstein and a number of speakers who developed deep regard for Professor Matveyev during their time with her. Eliza Hamner, ’99, and Peter Iversen, ’05, both of whom were students of Professor Matveyev, will share words in honor of Matveyev’s role as a teacher.

Former Lawrence colleagues to speak are Monica Rico, assistant professor of history, Elizabeth Krizenesky, lecturer in Russian, and former assistant professor of German, Birgit Tautz Ramsey. Professor Benjamin Rifkin, chair of the department of Slavic languages and literature at the UW-Madison, will also speak.

While Matveyev taught at Lawrence, she took viola lessons from Professor Matthew Michelic, who will perform at the service. Professors of Music Patrice Michaels, soprano, and Dmitri Novgorodsky, piano, will also perform.

As Matveyev’s death occurred during summer vacation, most Lawrence faculty and students were off-campus at the time. Thus Matveyev’s memorial service will serve as an “opportunity for this community to gather in her memory,” said Dean of the Faculty Kathleen Murray.