Megan Popkey

Sarah Rades

If you’re looking for someone behind many of the events on campus, look no further than Megan Popkey, the assistant director of campus activities at Lawrence University. Popkey is in charge of training the Welcome Week leaders anda is the Greek advisor for all fraternities and sororities on campus. Besides that, she is also the advisor for SOUP, chair of the ULEAD committee, and advisor for the Lawrence Dance/Cheer Team. Popkey also works with Dave Macauley, who is the student organization development coordinator, and she may soon advise the Circle K/Kiwanis service group on campus.

Popkey started at Lawrence on Sept. 1 of this year. “I was fortunate to come upon the Lawrence position and felt that this position was a perfect fit for me. Lawrence is a great community to be a part of and I definitely don’t regret my decision,” says Popkey.

Since her first week was so busy, it is hard for Popkey to know what a typical day in this job position is like. “I do know that I spend much of my time meeting with students individually and in small or large groups to discuss the range of areas that I advise. I also have staff meetings and committees that I am a part of within the [office of the] dean of students,” Popkey explains.

Popkey says her favorite part of working at Lawrence is the direct contact she has with the students. “I enjoy advising them on the areas that I am assigned to, like Greek life, programming, etc. However, I really look forward to getting to know them as individuals with their own unique personalities as much as I do the working relationship.”

Popkey says she is having a great experience at Lawrence thus far. She enjoys the many areas she is in charge of and the unpredictable nature of her job.

Popkey is currently finishing her master’s degree in student affairs and college counseling and will graduate this December from UW-Oshkosh.