Letters from J-Board

October 13, 2003Dear, ______:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the results of your Judicial Board hearing on October 12, 2003. The board has found you not in violation of LUCC legislation IV.D. 3.01: Members of the Lawrence community will not engage in theft.

If you wish to appeal this decision you must inform the President, in writing, within three days of receiving this letter.

The members of the Board hope you understand that our responsibility is to hear all formal complaints, decide if a violation has been committed and apply a sanction when warranted. Although you were found not in violation, the board hopes you understand that you need to respect the rights of others, which includes demonstrating an active concern for others’ property, if we are to maintain a satisfactory living and learning environment at Lawrence. The college community must insist upon the cooperation and responsible judgment of all students.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hearing or the appeals process, please contact me or the Dean of Students, Nancy Truesdell.

Kit Okimoto
Chair, Judicial Board

The complainants [sic] appealed the decision to President Warch. He requested that the Judicial Board re-hear the case with new information. At the conclusion of the second hearing, the following letter was issued.

October 30, 2003
President Warch
Sampson House

Dear President Warch,

At your request the Judicial Board met on October 29, 2003 to hear additional information in the case against ________ that was filed by ________, ________, and ________. After hearing testimony from the new witness, the Judicial Board recommends that you overturn our original decision and find ________ in violation of the Social Code IV.D.3.01 Disruptive Behavior: Members of the Lawrence community will not engage in theft.

The Judicial Board recommends that you place ________ on disciplinary probation effective immediately and until the end of Term II of the 2003-2004 academic year. Disciplinary probation means that any further violation of the Social Code shall result in a minimum penalty of suspension.

In addition, the Board recommends that ________ be required to write a letter of apology to ________ for inappropriately involving ________ in this situation and misrepresenting her role in this incident. The apology letter should be submitted to Dean Truesdell for approval by a specified date, and Dean Truesdell will see that ________ receives the letter.

The Judicial Board appreciates your decision to allow us to hear new testimony in this case so that it can be brought to a fair resolution. Thank you for your consideration of our recommendation.

Kit Okimoto
2003-04 Judicial Board