Letter to the editor: Your Vote Counts

I write to encourage your readers, especially Lawrence students, to register and vote on November 2, 2004. Anyone who has resided in Wisconsin for at least ten days is eligible to register and vote in Wisconsin. The presidential race is likely to be very close in Wisconsin. If you are a student from Illinois or South Dakota or California or any other state where polls indicate that the presidential race is not competitive, you have an opportunity to make your vote count here in Wisconsin. You can also avoid the hassle of obtaining an absentee ballot even if your home is somewhere in Wisconsin by registering in Appleton. Visit the City Clerk’s website for the City of Appleton (www.appleton.org/ departments/clerk/) and click on Election Information to find out how to register and where to vote. There is a section of that site that is specific to Lawrence students. Your voting location depends on where you live on campus.-Matthew Stoneking
Lawrence University
Department of Physics