New club calls for all interested writers

Reid Stratton

A new opportunity is here for all aspiring writers on campus: the LU playwriting club.Fred Gaines, former Lawrence professor of drama, will lead any interested students down the path of writing a script for the stage. This will culminate in a production of the student works late in second term.

Gaines stresses that the club will not take the form of a class. The group will meet once a week, working on problems as they arise. The direction of the club will very much depend on what the members are interested in. This will truly be a student-driven group.

Gaines will also invite professional actors and alumni currently working in theater to give tips and give readings of the works-in-progress. Guests and club members will provide feedback on new works at each meeting, which ensures that the group’s members will all learn together.

Of course, a club like this provides plenty of benefits for students. “The most obvious benefit,” Gaines says, “is the chance for students to see their play up on the stage.” Gaines also believes that the workshop experience that students will get from this club is invaluable. “There are groups like this in all the big cities. It’s not uncommon to have people helping each other with their works.”

More than anything, Gaines wants everyone to know that there are no prerequisites for this club. Anyone that has any interest in writing, regardless of experience or field of study, is welcome. The first meeting of the playwriting club is Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 4:30 p.m. in Cloak Theatre.