Make your vote count

Betsy Winter

Television and radio commercials, website banners, and the friendly people walking around with clipboards have all been reminding us to vote, and there are several ways to go about registering.If you are already registered in your hometown, you should have an absentee ballot. Follow the simple instructions and send it back; it doesn’t cost you a thing. You can obtain an absentee ballot from your hometown clerk or county auditor’s office. Just make sure you meet your state’s request deadline.

To those of you who have not registered to vote: what are you waiting for? For most of us, this is the first presidential election we’ll be able to vote in. Unfamiliarity with candidates is no excuse. Take advantage of the newspapers in your hall and catch up on what each candidate stands for.

The internet is also a good source for information on each candidate’s platform. Some good sources include and the top candidates’ own pages:,, and

There are several ways to register if you have not already done so. You can log on to your hometown or home county’s website, or you can go to various other sites. Two of the more popular ones among college students and young adults are and To find out about a party’s platform and register at the same site, visit either or

If you register at your Lawrence address, be sure to cancel your registration address from your hometown. It is against the law to be registered in two places at the same time. Voting twice is a felony and could you could pay a hefty fine or serve time.

If you are not registered to vote at all, go to the Appleton city clerk’s office at 100 N. Appleton St. and register your Lawrence address. Visit for more information. And remember, your vote counts!