Res Hall Review

Reid Stratton

Waking Life
(animated) (2003)
Running Time: 99 min.
Stars: voice of Wiley Wiggins
Found at: TreverAn animated film that could not be further from a Disney movie, it follows a nameless main character through a series of tableaus. Discussing everything from evolution to death to perception, it is mostly dealing with dreams in some respect. In fact, the film appears to be one big dream, though we begin to suspect that life might be one big dream anyway.

Comments: Unfortunately, this film is more or less indescribable. The movie is an animator’s dream, with many different and quickly changing styles of animation that may make you queasy at first. Before long though, you will see that the animation styles change to match each new character that we meet; the animation style becomes part of each character’s personality. The content of the movie is very difficult, dealing with very heavy subjects. Don’t let this scare you, though. This movie will help you to ask some of those hard questions about life and death and everything else. Each character presents his or her own view of the world, and the viewer gets to sort it all out in the end, which creates a place to begin thinking for oneself. Be warned, you may need to see this movie two or three times to be satisfied. A