Lawrence to Expand Bjorklunden- *use if need* emg [why are there no quotes or sources cited in this article? -rws]

David Judge

Bjorklunden, Lawrence’s off-campus retreat facility, hosted 1,400 students and faculty members via 65 different clubs and teams last year. Those numbers are likely to rise this coming year, and the University is currently exploring ideas to expand the retreat facility to deal with the growing problem. While still in the pre-planning stages, this could dramatically increase availability for student groups.
Currently, Bjorklunden can house up to 60 people. Most weekend trips involve two separate groups, which can overburden the residence space as well as classroom facilities. This proposed expansion would allow an extra 40 students per weekend visit, letting in more students per group or even extra group attendance.
In addition to expanding residential space, the campaign hopes to create a new large multipurpose classroom, another seminar room, an observation deck, a new computer lab, and a mudroom for science groups. The project would also involve an outdoor deck with a view of the lake, added storage and mechanical rooms, expanded parking, and an elevator.
Lawrence has hired the architectural firm Miller Wagner Coenen McMahon, the designers of the current lodge, to look into expansion possibilities without altering Bjorklunden’s presence or sentimentality. Project members hope this expansion will produce more weekend visits and attendance to summer artistic sessions.
At present, there is no project timetable due to lack of funding. However, the Board of Trustees has begun a $5 million fund raising campaign for the project. If funding is secured immediately the project could be completed as early as June 2007. The Board is also discussing plans to create endowment funds strictly for Bjorklunden to ensure further developments in years to come. *Note: The author of this apparently didn’t speak to anyone, even though he was given the numbers – whether to use or not then, since we needed sources.