cynth’ya lewis reed, author/speaker

From Cynth’ya Lewis Reed, Author/Speaker
Muncie, IN 4730210/27/04

To be undecided in the midst of common sense is an excuse from the weak-minded among us. We must accept the fact that as registered voters, all of us have the power to make a change to either reverse or continue the current situations at hand. This nation was founded upon unification, not political division. In spite of what people feel are the facts behind an election, any intelligent unbiased voter will never allow their disagreement with others to control how they see their life, and how they choose to live it.

It is ignorance to be threatened by differing opinions. Fighting with others, in silent seething or outlandish name-calling only squashes opportunities to appreciate the thoughts and opinions of others. By appreciating one another more, we strengthen our community, our state, and our nation.

Defensiveness and fear tactics only weaken us. We have enough issues to deal with that only we as a people must address for ourselves, regardless of who is mayor, governor, senator or president. Whomever it is that God has already decided will step into each political office, it is up to us to set aside spite, emotionalism, and negativity. Let’s appreciate what is left of our freedom of expression, and do so in a way that is civilized, and accept one another’s right to disagree without being disagreeable.

So, America, let your attitude be beautiful, and let our nation choose the one leader to bring all of us together. Look at Iraq, then count the dead and dying, the jobless, the uninsured, and the homeless. One example not mentioned by the media is President Bush’s hesitation to deal with the problem of unispected military planes from Guam that are creating a major problem with brown tree snakes populating the beautiful state of Hawaii. Obviously, our current leader is not concerned about children and tourists being bitten by these snakes. He knows about it, and I am saddened to say that protecting American citizens from environmental dangers such as this, is not one of the Bush administration priorities.

So knowing what we know, all voters must take the unmentionables and questionables into consideration.

May we let our human conscience and common sense, not fearfulness and division, be our guide November 2.