Lucinda’s serves dinner weeknights

Mary Born

Lucinda’s has always been something of a godsend for students living on the opposite side of campus from Downer Commons. During second term, the long trek from Ormsby, Colman, and Hiett can seem extremely daunting, and often leads to many meals of Easy Mac and Pop-Tarts so that one doesn’t have to freeze in the process of getting to a dining hall.
Lucy’s has offered something of a respite from this dilemma for breakfast and lunch for many years. However, because dinner hasn’t been available, there were no other real options after 1 p.m. than to get yourself to Downer or the Union Grill.
Times have changed, and for the first time since a short period last year, Lucinda’s has begun to offer dinner Monday through Thursday from 5-7 p.m. The menu at Lucinda’s is the same as what is being offered in the “A Line” at Downer, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything wonderful being served across campus. The full salad and soup bars are available as well. For those lucky enough to live in Colman, the option of Lucinda’s – conveniently located on the first floor of the hall – is open for three meals a day.
Last year, there was a brief test run of dinner at Lucy’s. Though somewhat successful, there were the problems of the absence of a salad bar and the fact that it was difficult for people to get used to eating there for dinner. “We’re so used to going to Downer every night – it becomes a social thing,” says junior Anna Holly. “Everyone pretty much has to go there, so it’s a good chance to catch up with people after a really busy day.”
The test run didn’t last for very long, and the dream of a dinner at Lucy’s seemed to be dead. Now, Dining Services seems to have decided to give it a real shot. Because it serves the same meals as Downer’s A Line, there isn’t anything particularly remarkable about the quality. However, it seems as if students are enjoying it. After her first “dinner at Lucy’s” experience, senior Kim Duncan said, “Considering the lack of choices we have on this campus for dinner, and compared to Downer as basically the only other option, dinner at Lucy’s isn’t too bad.”
While it seems as if it might take a little while to catch on, dinner at Lucinda’s appears to be a pretty good idea. When temperatures begin to drop below freezing on a regular basis, it will be nice that there is another option open for dinner for those who don’t live quite so near to Downer.