The war against hunger and poverty comes to Lawrence

Mary Born

It recently came to the attention of sophomores Liz Corey and Samantha Gibb that Lawrence did not have a group dedicated to raising awareness about and eradicating world hunger and poverty. These enterprising students decided to take care of this themselves, and over the summer, the Student War Against Hunger and Poverty was born. The response on campus has been positive, which goes to show how much a group like this is wanted and supported by students.
Corey has been involved in various efforts to raise money and awareness for this cause for several years. Last summer, she had an experience that made her want to do even more. Her family took a trip to Tanzania for two weeks, where she was able to see firsthand the living conditions of people suffering from drought, poverty. “It was definitely not your typical vacation,” she says. “Seeing something like that is very hard to forget, and really makes you want to help more.” After she returned, she began to look at what organizations existed on other college campuses around the country dedicated to wiping out hunger and poverty. Along with Gibb, her friend and roommate, Corey decided it was time to create an official group at Lawrence dedicated to this cause.
Gibb has also always been active in efforts related to hunger and poverty. A member of the One Campaign, she, too, felt the need for an organization such as SWAHP. The two girls put their talents and passion together to organize a new student group, which will soon reach official club status and will be affiliated with the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, a national group that has affiliates in high schools and colleges around the country.
As for activities and projects, SWAHP has a multitude of ideas already. They will take part the annual Appleton Crop Walk on October 9th and National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week around Thanksgiving. The group will also create fact sheets and handouts to educate students about hunger and homelessness both in the Appleton area and worldwide.
Members of SWAHP are also looking to start a food salvage program in the Appleton area. This would collect leftover food from local restaurants and campus dining facilities and donate it to food banks and the needy in the Fox Valley area. This program is still in its beginning stages Lawrence, but has been successful on other college campuses. SWAHP also hopes to organize food, toy, and clothing drives throughout the year, depending on the needs of the community.
The members of SWAHP have many other ideas in the works, and are always looking for new members to brainstorm with them. Interested students should contact Corey or Gibb by e-mail. SWAHP meets in the Sage Hall Lobby at 7 p.m. on Thursdays.