Mission: IMPROVable closes out welcome week

Jessica Engels

Not often do you see a frat boy get impregnated by his house brother in a matter of seconds. Nor do you see a dentist’s patient pull out his own teeth with his bare hands. But just that happened September 18th when the Mission IMPROVable comedy troupe performed in the Riverview Lounge. A program sponsored by the Student Organization for University Programming, Mission IMPROVable was an opportunity for incoming freshmen to bond through laughter.
The troupe, which has appeared on “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live,” packed the lounge full of eager students. Freshman Jaime DiPuppo was one such student, who came to observe the manic actors at work because of her love of theater. “I enjoy lots of types of acting, it’s so interesting,” DiPuppo said.
Aside from freshmen like DiPuppo, the audience was filled with some upperclassmen who were ready to enjoy the comedy act again. This was no surprise to SOUP board member Kat Kaszpurenko, mainly due to the overwhelmingly positive response SOUP received on reply cards last year. “Last year we got such a great response,” said Kaszpurenko. “Most students rated the event a 9 or a 10.” Board member Marianne Griffin agreed. When asked why SOUP chose the group to perform again this year, she responded matter-of-factly. “It definitely went well last year.”
Indeed, the SOUP-sponsored event was also a success this year, especially when measured in overall laughter and enthusiasm. Yet the event could have been more successful in making every audience member feel more included, had Mission IMPROVable avoided certain off-color jokes and stereotypes which could potentially offend, and maybe even alienate, some gay students and allies.
It was evident that the sincere effort of the cheery SOUP members contributed to the event’s success. Whether or not the performers were politically correct, the performance illuminated the lively, spirited nature of the class of 2009 and their eagerness to involve themselves in campus activities.