Animal-loving students form welfare group

Liz Tubman

The LU Animal Welfare Society is a newcomer to the Lawrence community and looking to promote the responsible care of animals, both on campus and in the greater Appleton community.
Despite the fact that the group was only formed first term of this year, they have already logged a significant amount of volunteer hours at Saving Paws, an animal rescue organization, and have hosted several events as well.
Stacy Klemme and a group of freshman students wanted to create a student organization dedicated to working with local animal shelters.
To fulfill this goal, the group of students went to numerous training sessions to be able to work with local shelters and eventually decided to open the group up to the rest of campus at weekly meetings. Thus the LU Animal Welfare Society was born.
Since Klemme describes the group as “pet-deprived college students,” volunteering at local animal shelters provides a perfect opportunity to interact with animals that are perhaps in need of a little extra care.
“These groups really need the help of students to clean cages and play with the cats,” explained Klemme.
The group is also working to get involved with the Humane Society’s dog-walking program.
Besides volunteering at local animal shelters, the group also hopes to be able to provide education to the campus and general public to promote responsible pet ownership by hosting various events throughout the year.
“Our main goals on campus right now are to increase membership and spread awareness of our cause,” explained Klemme.
Although the LU Animal Welfare Society is still small, Klemme believes they have been successful in the short time since the group was started. The group’s many volunteer hours are a sign of their success so far.
The group is planning to work with Greenfire for Earth Day and as well as other campus organizations during Progressive Week in May.
Any students interested in volunteering at Saving Paws or getting involved with the LU Animal Welfare Society can contact
The group’s weekly meetings are held every Monday night at 7 p.m. in the Colman lounge.
“New members are always welcome! We don’t bite and the animals don’t either from our experience,” Klemme said.