Athlete of the Week: Shuttle Driver Cathy

Amanda Ollerer


Cathy: Shuttle Driver

1) What is your favorite part of the job?

I love being with the students. You guys give me hope for the future, and that’s the truth. This has to be one of the best jobs I have ever had because I’m around all of you young people. And you are bright. You are articulate. And you are a lot of fun to be with. I remember all the times we have had good laughs.

2) What is the worst part of your job?

When there are more than six of you guys, I have to leave some of you waiting when there is no room on the shuttle.

3) How are your cats?

My cats are great — Mickey and Bailey. They are both longhaired and fluffy.

4) What do you do when we are not in season?

That would be summertime for me, and I have endless things to catch up on. I garden. I raise tomatoes and herbs. I like to go bike riding. I like to do outside activities, but I also love to sit quietly and read when the temperature is in the 90s and it’s too hot to do anything.

5) What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened when you were driving?

No accidents, no disasters. There has been some snow — but if you’re talking about weird, I had to help a gosling follow its mommy across the street. Traffic was stopped in both directions because the little guy couldn’t jump over the curb and everyone was getting very, very upset. I got out and scooped my hands behind him and he was able to jump up and went trotting off after mommy.