Free Tibet group

JingLin Huang

When one thinks of Tibet, it’s the mountains that first come to mind. The Dalai Lama, Buddhist monks, and the Chinese region’s contentious political situation often come second.
In fact, some students feel strongly enough about the political issue to come together to form an official club. These politically concerned students are the members of the new Lawrence chapter of the global organization Students for a Free Tibet.
As an individual chapter, the group plans to raise awareness of human rights violations in China in hopes of effecting change through non-violent means.
Freshman James McDaniel will lead the Lawrence chapter, and had previously started a chapter in his high school in Alabama. McDaniel says that over 40 people have signed up for his mailing list so far.
On a more personal note, McDaniel explained that, “My hope is to continue working for awareness of Human rights violation in hopes that one day China will change.”
A list of possible group activities include writing letters to the governments of the United States and Chinese, engaging in environmental community service, and promoting care toward local communities and the environment.
McDaniel invites interested students to contact him via e-mail.