Professor of Christian Thought to speak at Lawrence

James Hall

Wheaton College professor Mark Noll will be on campus Tuesday to present his lecture, “Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind: Very Old Landmarks for Navigating Very Modern Dilemmas” in Memorial Chapel.
Though not a part of the Lawrence Convocation Series, this lecture has a wide base of support within the university, including Main Hall Forum, the religious studies department, and Lawrence Christian Fellowship.
Noll is the professor of Christian thought at Wheaton, and recently served as visiting professor at the divinity schools of Harvard and the University of Chicago. A specialist in the history of evangelicalism and its ties to anti-intellectualism, Noll will spend most of Tuesday visiting with faculty and students to discuss the apparent difficulties in reconciling the worlds of religion and academia.
Noll will give his lecture in the chapel at 11:10 a.m. and will speak again in the Wriston Auditorium at 6:45 p.m. The second talk, sponsored by LCF, is entitled”Has Christianity Done More Harm Than Good in America?” Both addresses will include question-and-answer sessions, as these subjects are sure to arouse the interest of many Lawrentians and community members.