What happened to the clock?

Meghan McCallum

For many Lawrence students, the clock by Main Hall was a guiding light over the years. Its location at the center of campus was a great meeting place, and the clock itself was helpful for students going to scheduled classes or meetings. The clock’s blue neon glow was also a beacon to those crossing the campus late at night.
Although the unnamed clock was a very useful part of campus, it probably didn’t get much recognition until it suddenly vanished before the beginning of this school year. “I never knew how much I’d miss the clock until it was gone,” said sophomore Jen Cox, “and I never realized how often I’d be late to class without it.”
“It’s bogus. What’s the deal with that?” asks sophomore Alison Miller when asked about her feelings towards the clock’s disappearance.
For those readers wondering what happened to said clock, wonder no more. Security supervisor Jon Meyer breaks the sad news: “[It] was destroyed to the point that it could not be fixed.” He added that the only detail they know of the tragic vandalism is that “someone had taken a two-by-four and knocked it off in the early morning of Aug. 30th.”
Students who were on campus in previous years will note that this is not the first time the clock has been vandalized. In the 2004-2005 school year, the clock was covered or removed several times due to damage to its face and hands. In those cases, the clock was usually up and running again within a short period of time. From Meyer’s comment above, it is apparent that repair is not an option this time.
As for a replacement clock, Meyer said, “I talked with the electricians about the situation and I was told that it is a price tag of about $5,500 to purchase a new clock and reinstall it.” Harold Ginke, executive director of physical plant, says that this is not an option. “At this time,” said Glinke,” I don’t have the money in my budget to replace it.”
Student and avid clock-lover Skyler Silvertrust comments, “It’s a shame that the clock is gone. It didn’t always have the right time, but it was beautiful and for many was the center of campus.” Silvertrust goes on to say, “The University should look into replacing the clock because of its role as a monument of sorts on campus.”
It looks like Lawrence have to go without the Main Hall clock for a while, unless some sort of plan is devised to raise money for a new one. It will continue to be missed by all those who knew and loved it.