zSeniors prepare to storm through downtown bars -mrm –ama – mcb

Meghan McCallum

The evening of Wed., May 15 promises to be eventful for Lawrence seniors. The Senior Class Programming Committee, in collaboration with several Appleton bars, has organized a pub crawl for seniors and other of-age students.
The night’s festivities will begin at approximately 8:45 p.m. in the Viking Room, where participants will receive event T-shirts. The shirts must be worn in order for students to receive drink specials at each bar, said event organizer John Budi.
Students participating in the pub crawl will visit six downtown bars after the VR: Dr. Jekyll’s, The Wooden Nickel, Mark’s Firefly Lounge, Cleo’s, Chadwick’s and The Bar on the Ave. They plan to spend 40 minutes at each bar. During last call at the final stop, said Budi, a raffle will be held for various prizes.
Budi reported that approximately 80 students will participate in the event. For seniors, the pub crawl will be a first-rate (and perhaps foggy) memory of their last term at Lawrence.
As for other students, the event’s continuation in upcoming years depends on future Senior Class Programming Committees. As the pub crawl will bring many customers to each of the participating bars, it is likely that these bars will be interested in making the senior pub crawl a tradition.