Letter to President Beck-clr -amb

David Stultz

President Beck:I am very disappointed that you have sacrificed the traditional broadcast abilities of WLFM for the cheaper option of Internet-only broadcasting. The decision won’t even be introducing anything new; WLFM has had Internet broadcasting for some time now.

A better decision would have been to bite the bullet and invest in new broadcasting equipment and to start a student-run campaign to boost community involvement in the station and to broadcast around the clock, letting NPR do their own thing while WLFM fills the time slots with new and already existent shows.

Even worse than betraying the essence of radio (i.e. broadcasting using frequency modulated electromagnetic waves), you have gone over the heads of the students (just as President Warch did with the smoking issue in 2004). And why? Because of advice from LU’s “legal counsel.” I find it sad ******–****** but somehow unsurprising ******–****** that lawyers rank higher on your list than LU students and the greater community.

If you want to cut costs, try cutting the athletic budget. Our teams are pathetic, and the only people who enjoy Viking sporting events are the athletes and their families. Thanks for making Lawrence even more uninteresting.

David Stultz