RHD Profiles

Reid Stratton

Liz Matelski (Plantz)Alma Mater: Ripon College
Favorite scent? Lilacs.
Worst party-busting experience? I don’t have any good stories, but Dave once walked into a room full of dancing naked people.
How do you feel about robots? I like the Rabbot a whole lot. Robots taking over, like my computer is smarter than me, scares me. But a robot that dances with Meatwad is okay.
Stacy Scott (Sage)

Alma Mater: UW-Green Bay
Favorite texture? A soft, smooth banana milkshake from Culver’s.

Worst program you’ve seen? I was the only person to attend a program on investment banking that I hosted.

If you could be any emperor, who would you be? The emperor from “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Dave Macauley (Hiett)

Alma Mater: Carleton College
Favorite pattern? Plaid.
Funniest thing you’ve heard from a drunk resident? Hey guys, make way! I have the beer!
If you had to be in a profession that deals with the deceased, what would you be? A minister.

Emma Sweet (Colman)

Alma Mater: Lawrence University
Favorite Juice? V8 Splash
Best thing you’ve found while on rounds? A pair of skis with a very small sign reading “Beware of the rats.”
What superhero would be the best marriage material? Batman, because of the cool gadgets factor.

Teege Mettille (Kohler)

Alma Mater: UW-Whitewater
Favorite child actor? Devon Sawa, who played Casper.
Best prank you’ve pulled on a resident? Popcorned their door. That involves putting tape over their door frame, then newspaper, then popcorn.
What is the most important toiletry item to you? A spinny toothbrush.

Karen Patyk (Ormsby)
Alma Mater: Illinois Wesleyan University
Favorite footwear? Sandals.
Best Program you’ve seen? “The Sexual Spelling Bee.”
What are your feelings on Triscuits? They’re okay, but I prefer Reduced Fat Wheat Thins as my cracker of choice.
Dawn Schlund (Trever)

Alma Mater: UW-Stevens Point and UW-Lacrosse (M.A.)

Favorite Jelly Belly? Buttered Popcorn.

Worst job you’ve had to do in Res Life? Filling out my 200th room inventory.

Without beef jerky, my life would be…? Fruitless.