Res Hall Review

Reid Stratton

Phone Booth (2002)
Running Time: 81 min.
Stars: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker
Found at: HiettFarrell plays Stuart Shepard, a sleazy, deceptive publicity agent living and working in New York City. While in a phone booth, Farrell receives a call from a stranger who claims to be pointing a sniper rifle at him. The rest of the movie takes place in and around the phone booth, where the plot develops.

Comments: This film works well as a suspense thriller. The pacing is good, and the intensity is increased by creative photography that helps to bewilder the viewer during those really high points. However, this movie fails miserably as a moral tale. Farrell heroically attempts to deliver one of the most poorly written confessions in film, but the audience ends up coming away feeling deceived by the manufactured moral. Also, beware that Sutherland’s voice will grate on your ears near the halfway point. This movie is worth a watch if you need a little edge in your evening. B