Roads north of campus to re-open

Peter Gillette

A street construction project between the conservatory and City Park will prevent public street parking along Lawrence University’s northern edge for about one more week.The project’s goal is to replace water mains on Washington and Franklin streets, which also requires work on Drew and Lawe streets. Park Avenue, which runs between the conservatory and City Park, is also under construction.

The good news is that Drew Street, which has been closed, is set to open this afternoon, just in time for Octoberfest. “That’s been the plan,” affirmed Randy Felton, project manager for the street repairs. Drew Street was closed for the longest time because it underwent a complete street reconstruction.

The rest of the project should take one week more to complete, barring inclement weather. “If people put up with us for about another week, we’ll be out of everyone’s hair by then,” said Felton.

“No Parking” signs have been placed along the affected route.