Greenfire defends environment

Greenfire is Lawrence’s student environmental organization. We are dedicated to helping the environment on a local, state and national level. We put on events, host speakers, and run a variety of campaigns on campus in order to educate the Lawrence community on environmental issues and to encourage individuals and the institution as a whole to reduce their environmental impact.

In the fall term, we typically organize a Harvest Dinner, in cooperation with Downer Commons, that highlights the importance of locally and organically grown foods, and an Alternative Gift Market that offers students socially and environmentally responsible alternatives for their holiday shopping.

In the winter term we run the Clean Plate Club, which encourages students to reduce their food waste; put on the Environmental Progressive Dinner in cooperation with the Co-op house and the Outdoor Recreation Club; and organize a student environmental conference either on campus or at Lawrence’s retreat center in Door County (Bjorklunden).

Finally, in the spring term, we put on our annual Earth Day celebrations, which involve a variety of speakers and activities that engage the campus in grassroots participation on behalf of the environment.

In a typical year, we also take trips to various conferences as they come up around the state and excursions to nearby nature preserves.

In addition to our annual activities, Greenfire focuses much of our efforts on specific campaigns with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of the Lawrence community.

Some of our past campaigns have included convincing our grounds crew to use an organic alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers, getting fair trade coffee served in our coffeehouse, expanding the use of organic foods at Downer, and putting up semi-permanent signs all over campus that inform people of opportunities to reduce their environmental impact.

Mostly, Greenfire serves as a community of environmentally concerned students that are open to everyone’s ideas for how we can live more sustainable lives.

So if you have ideas for environmental projects on campus, or if you want to help out with the projects described above, please check our meeting times in “This Week” and come check us out. Also, be sure to check our website at