Students arrested

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you as the Editor regarding recent events. I
am a teacher in New York City where I recently
observed-along with many Americans-the events
happening during the Republican convention. I feel
compelled to share this account as an encouragement to
get out the vote on November 2nd. I hope you will print
this.Best regards,

J. Wallace
244 Fifth Ave. #2731
New York, NY 10001

Letter to the Editor:


I’m haunted by the look on this student’s face. She’s just
being arrested and she’s partially turning away from the
CNN crew to avoid being ID’ed while trying to make a
statement. In spite of her anxiety she manages to
communicate clearly and effectively to the camera,
posing the question, “When are people going to wake up
and realize what’s happening in America? When are they
going to start caring?”

And we do! Young adults! With the right to vote! She
understands what is at stake. Do you? Her group never
apparently made it to the convention area. She and her
small group from out of state were kept out of sight and
out of sound of conventioneers. Kept off the TV screen.
With newscasters referring to the protesters almost
tongue-in-cheek, like it’s an inside joke. The Republicans
are content and confident that you will yawn and change
the channel. That this peaceful student protester arrested
means nothing? Please don’t let her down. Please don’t
let America down. The time to act is NOW. Register to
vote at your post office. Use a right you still have. Vote
November 2nd!

J. Wallace
New York, NY